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Quirky walks in the forest

Come and discover nature from another perspective.

We propose different types of walks. Each of them will offer you the possibility to see nature with new eyes.


We take a maximum of 8 persons per walk

We can also organise private  tours, contact us

The sensory walk

Listen, smell, look , touch, taste...Tame nature with your 5 senses Our charming and enthusiastic guide will introduce you to new ways to awaken your sensory organs. Through little practice you will discover forest under a new light.

The playful walk

As moody as she can be (especially in Britanny), forest appears to be a fantastic playgroung. Come with your children and learn how to make instruments and toys out of twigs and leaves. Our guide will show you many tricks to play with nature.

The storytelling walk

Get carried by the universe of our druid who will lead you throu a transforming journey. With her, you will accomplish a mission from the highest importance... Indeed she has found a remedy to thecurse thrown on planet earth ages ago.

The picking walk

Become treasure hunter. Nature delivers its amazing booty and renew it each season. It has the extraordinary power to cure and feed us. Let's enjoy it! Together, we will learn how to figure out those green presents and you will have the opportunity to make a medicinal potion.

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